Released Albums

My mission with recording is to share inspiration with thought provoking lyrics and messages wrapped up inside the harmony of earthy roots music to deliver an experience that makes you feel like changing the world for the better.

Rise & Shine

Full length album – 12 songs

Rising up as individuals to be the best we can be and live life to our fullest potential.

Recorded in 2015 featuring:
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keys
Roy Martinez – bass
Terepai Richmond – drums
Matt Bell – bass
Bourby Webster – viola
Anna Sarcich – cello


      Hazy Day      4min 1sec

Walk Your Talk

Single – 3 songs

Our greatest growth and power comes from walking the path not from talking about it.

Recorded in 2011 featuring :
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars
Dan Wilson – bass
Gilberton Moreoux – drums, back up vocals


      In Your Hands      4min 47sec

Come Fly With Me

EP – 4 songs

Waking up to acknowledge the light inside us all rather than playing small for the sake of staying comfortable or not upsetting others.

Recorded in 2009 featuring :
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano


      Come Fly With Me      2min 27sec

Lets Play

Single – 3 songs

What if we are actually here to play and enjoy doing the things that inspire us most? Maybe we get caught up making a living and forget that at times.

Recorded in 2008 featuring :
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion


      Let’s Play      4min 24sec


3 songs – unreleased

Exploring some of the hidden aspects of the way the world is run around us.

Recorded in 2007 featuring :
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars, drums
Dan Wilson – bass


Single – 2 songs

We are all one mind experiencing itself infinite different ways. In the bigger picture all the challenges we experience with others, whilst it might seem at the time like they are hurting us; are really helping us to grow and evolve.

Recorded in 2005 featuring :
Julius Lutero – vocals, guitars, drums
Dan Wilson – bass


Upcoming Albums

After a long time coming this year I ram commencing recording my next album. I have written many new songs that feel like an itch that I can’t scratch until I record them and set them free into the world. There’s some acoustic ballads with layered guitar harmonies to the other end of the spectrum some blues rock songs and even a jazz style song in there written about the experience of going surfing.

Over the years I’ve had numerous different people come up to me and tell me that one of my songs really lifted them out of a tough place they were in so I feel a moral obligation to share my new music with the world. Releasing music is a strange concept as an artist because it goes out into the world and I’m never there when it touches someone so in some ways it is a thankless process but one that I can’t rest until I release the new songs I’ve written.

It feels like having a beautiful bird that I love and opening the window and setting it free. I don’t know where it will end up and who will appreciate it’s beauty but it’s the right thing to do and deep down I feel satisfied that I get to set something free that I trust will end up wherever it’s needed most.

“Julius Lutero’s words, musical talent and magical voice come from the heart and are inspiring to listen to. Every time I hear the album it takes me on a different journey.”

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