Sit Back In The Afternoon Sunshine And Enjoy One Of The Most Inspiring Roots / Funk / Blues Artists in A Very Long While!

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“When I put Julius’ album on in the car goosebumps start to rise and I find myself in a place of peace. Thank you for creating something of such beauty for my family and I.”  INSPIRATION FACTORY

“Julius is Perth’s very own John Fruciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitarist) who can also sing! Very chilled out vibes here. We really dig it”                 TONE MAGAZINE

“Julius Lutero’s words, musical talent and magical voice come from the heart and are inspiring to listen to. Every time I hear the album it takes me on a different journey.”  LIANNA

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West Australian born Julius Lutero is one of those musicians you want as your best mate and on first meeting feel like you’ve known forever. On the surface a surfing, caring, and humorous person with a love of martial arts, and underneath one of the most expressive singer/songwriters.

With influences rooted in the blues Julius’ musical style has evolved over time to add funky grooves, acoustic ballads and what Jules calls ‘melodic reggae’ to his essentially warm and melodic style.

Whether performing alone on guitar or in his three piece with bass and drums. Julius’ music has incredibly wide appeal thanks to his easy listening melodies, and lyrics focused on what he is most passionate about, “Ensuring people have a little inspiration in their lives” as he puts it.

To see and hear Julius perform is an experience that will leave you with a new best friend, and a strange yet compelling desire to go out and change the world for the better.

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